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Managing Sales

Pipelines with Pipedrive

The story behind the book...

We were sleeping on our candid bed when a voice…

Well, not exactly like that. We haven’t been inspired by God in doing it, but we have been asked by a friend who told us: “Hey, why don’t you write about the approach you use in the CRM matter? I believe that would be interesting to many people who are not technical, but they need to understand technology and use it. There is an excessive offer about tech knowledge about CRM, but no one has written about small business CRM yet, especially using Pipedrive that was built and developed for small businesses.”

Until the publishing date …

We will release some hints and ideas that you will find in the book. We will help entrepreneurs who are looking to set up or reshape their CRM and get the knowledge and the culture of modern customer relationship management with one of the most popular platforms available today

When you will get the book…

We will lead you in learning about Pipedrive CRM and its features in order to use it at its best. We will unveil what is great about that successful tool, but also what is not, at least at the time of writing. You will learn how to use Pipedrive, avoiding errors, and using tricks to achieve your goal: your own business boost.

Why you should get the book ?

We are writing the book from the perspective of the business manager, the business initiator, which is quite different from a technical person’s point of view.

We are like you, mainly business people. Our product is to create digital solutions, but we do that because we believe digital tools can really help organizations improve themselves, in the market management and internal business processes. One thing we have always had clear is the concept of efficiency: do more with limited resources.

Antonio Specchia

 is a CRM architect with a background in marketing and economics. He shapes data architecture to boost the best outcomes, designing complex workflow configurations to enhance control over the sales process as well as advising companies about agile methodologies. Antonio has a long experience in management. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur.

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