Managing Sales Pipeline(s)

with Pipedrive

A book on pipedrive under the perspective of the business people, not the information technologists.


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Why reading

Managing Sales Pipeline(s) with Pipedrive

We will lead you in learning through this book on Pipedrive CRM the most popular CRM for small businesses and its features to become able in using it for the best. We will unveil what is great about that successful tool, but also what is not so great -at least at the time of writing-. Learn how to use Pipedrive, how to use a sales pipeline, avoiding common errors, as well as tricks to achieve your goal: your own business boost.

The best sales process management CRM

Pipedrive is credited to provide many benefits, but the really focused core value is about enhancing sales process management for B2B company with sales pipeline. No compromises.

B2B business model with valuable transaction?

Pipedrive has been developed as a laser focused application in a pre-built CRM framework, aiming to become the go-to solution for B2B companies with relevant transaction value.

Are reporting on ERP and CRM the same?

What ERP fails to mention are the reasons behind revenue trends. An ERP system describes the reasons behind costs trend, such as resource utilised and revenue. This is why pipedrive CRM forecasting may be more effective for business navigation.

Easy to use

Pipedrive has been named the most "easy to use" CRM. It is true? Why that? What does it mean easy to use and how pipedrive achieve it? Why a sales pipeline is easy to use? You will find it in the book

Overcomplicated doesn't mean better, at least in CRM.

Too simple is bad, but too complex is not good either. Complexity in software must be simplified, enabling to make complex process easy.

Fully comprehensive Vs integrable tool?

What a company should buy a fully comprehensive software to perform everything or a laser-focused tool easy to integrate with other software each of them focused on one specific function? The answer can only be found by setting purposes and budget.

Readers' opinion

Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop
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I’ve been watching your book - “Managing Sales Pipeline(s) with Pipedrive: Leverage the CRM platform for sales process management and grow your business through digital transformation” As I started as the Marketing & Comms manager 3 months ago for a small organisation who use Pipedrive , but not to its full capacity, and I believe your book would help me (and the Sales Team) to make better use of it

About the author...

Antonio Specchia

I’m just a businessman. Even though I wrote quite extensively and this is my second book, I’m neither a guy from the academy nor a writer.

My experience is on the use, on the execution. I’m a man of doing, I first consider what works then why and how it does; the theory behind anything helped me to understand what works and why.

Starting from that, I believe my approach can help those who are interested to learn more about CRM and are not keen to read extensive theoretical books.

My background is in economics, with a bit of Information Technology, but mainly around people, markets and tradings. I have worked in Sales and Marketing from an economics scholarship and an MBA in marketing.

That’s my why: the reason why I offer a different approach about CRM. My approach is not about information technology, it’s a logical approach focused on what works in business and why.


Managing Sales Pipeline(s) with Pipedrive

The book to better optimise your business with piperdrive

The story behind the book...

I was sleeping on my candid bed when a voice called me “Wake up I’m your God” …

Well, it didn’t go exactly like that. I haven’t been inspired by God in writing it, instead I have been asked by a friend: “Hey, why don’t you share your approach on CRM? Business people struggle in grasp CRM, many are not technical, and even if they have a tech background they have other critical things to deal with, they need to understand CRM logic not its technology.  No much has been written about CRM logic from the business person view. Then nothing about Pipedrive a CRM developed specifically for small businesses.”