Learning tool.

When we are about to set up a CRM, we start by enquiring about the company’s sales processes.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales. My view about the company’s processes between marketing and sales is simple

Migration of CRM

Migration of CRM. Changing CRM can be complex, this is why few companies feel confident to face that challenge.

Reporting and Forecasting

Reporting and Forecasting is one of the most relevant features of a CRM. Pipedrive is well developed to support this informative feature, but to those who need a bit more, there are some remarkable tools fully integrated to Pipedrive that extend and enhance the reporting over the CRM.One of the best renderings is the public […]

API call

An Application Program Interface (API) is a set of procedures and tools for building software applications. These processes make it easier for developers to use certain technologies in building applications. APIs are everywhere these days. They are the simplest ways that companies integrate with each other. APIs are the building blocks that make it all […]

Tags and Queries

Many CRMs use tags to facilitate the selection of groups of people, audiences. Tag is a kind of shortcut: you place a tag-word into a field of the people you think it matters and then you just let the system select every record (person) with that tag. Other CRMs instead use more complex queries to […]

Why all CRMs are not the same?

It can be odd, but some tools are developed better than others …some are poorly, aren’t they? But how do you find one if you have no idea of what a CRM can/should do? Let’s analyse a hidden feature that users will only discover too late: data export. This is not a problem until you […]

Charts can pivot, showing activities performance per type:

Pipedrive will only show the type that has data, if some kind of activity has no data it won’t appear, this will save space in the rendering, but can limit the informative power of the chart. To get proper information out of it you have to know the data architecture behind it: how many different […]