Why all CRMs are not the same?


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It can be odd, but some tools are developed better than others …some are poorly, aren’t they? But how do you find one if you have no idea of what a CRM can/should do?

Let’s analyse a hidden feature that users will only discover too late: data export.

This is not a problem until you decide to migrate. Then it will be too late. You can discover that data export is poor and you can’t migrate properly all of them or just part of them. Why? Let’s imagine, for instance your old CRM is not producing an export of the table with the proper link to other tables. That data will be totally useless as not related to other data.

To make it clear: you have a task manager in the CRM, you fill many tasks ToDo and you mark them Done, as well. When you migrate to the new CRM you want to keep with you the history of contacts tasks and the future tasks ToDo booked for the proper date. But that table of tasks doesn’t have the link (the person ID) in it. Your previous CRM has been developed to not export that link, as it surely has it. In the end, “why should we care about exporting data?” From a true story. 03/12/2020

Hint 7

Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM


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