CRM task management: activities performance per type

CRM task management: activities performance per type

CRM task management, activity based selling methodology: The solution to elevating your sales team

Rewarding salespeople beyond results, gives guidance on what behaviours are expected. Ask yourself – what is more important, just sell or engage clients professionally? If your answer is the latter, then you may want salespeople to focus more on long term relationships and providing effective support to clients rather than be manipulative in order to sell more.

  • What about a sale by luck instead of the result of a good, effective collaborative work with the client?
  • What impacts more on the client’s experience: forceful approach to convince them or an honest open support to create a solution together?
  • Whom, among your salespeople, makes clients happier, the one who sells more or the one who helps clients more?
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The Jurgen Appelo’s Celebration Grid offers the solution to improve the salespeople rewards system, introducing a guidance on preferred behaviours, while Pipedrive enables to guide them through the sales process, by milestones and expected outcomes in order to achieve the best client experience.

By joining together the dots of CRM task management, you will be able to figure out what is really happening in your sales process and, most importantly, who is doing what.

Our recommendation? Create reports using several different charts over tasks, as well as type of activities done. You may unveil successful habits in a crm task management related to more successful sales results.

Do you want to miss the opportunity to help your sales team work smarter by an advanced approach? Or getting to close more sales by engaging clients even better within the process?

Here how it works:

When it comes to making effective sales easier, Pipedrive’s Task Manager stands alone as one of its best features. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it can simultaneously encourage greater control over tasks, promote productivity and smooth processes – especially when implemented properly. And that’s where we can help.

Creating your own activities

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When you first start using Task Manager, it’s often simpler to stick to the default activities list. But as you become a Pipedrive pro, swapping to activities that better match your sales teams’ steps is a no-brainer, and that process begins with creating your own.

Ready to start making manual tasks? If you’re already inside the deal on Pipedrive, your created task will automatically include the same people and organisations, leaving you free to focus on the three editable fields:

  • Activity type
  • Activity title
  • Date & time

As you’d expect, Activity type defines what the task is – a phone call, a meeting, a demonstration etc. so make sure you pick one that sums up the task’s theme. We recommend concentrating on the Activity title, as this will influence the most action. Our top tip? Be specific.

Without a defined title, your task will only show the Activity type, and “Speak to Paul about his boss’ proposal decision” should encourage far better time management and activity than ‘Call’.

By adding a date & time, these activities are automatically synchronised with your calendar, ready to be tackled chronologically. As Pipedrive’s simplified creator tool can make it easy to create tasks with little or no information, it’s important to ensure your title has enough detail to be understood at a calendar glance.

Activities outside of a deal

If you create an activity outside of the deal’s page view, it won’t automatically link to that deal – and will instead need to be linked manually. This one of the most common mistakes new users make, and can lead to deal activities floating around Pipedrive chaotically.

As a result, people can be tempted to put all the information in the title to avoid having to manually categorise activities, but this comes with its own issues. Tasks become little more than to-do lists, and lose the methodology and step-by-step nature that makes them so valuable.

What truly separates Pipedrive’s task creation system from the rest is the simplicity of weaving in Activity Based Selling – which is something that’s explored in more detail in this (link then live) article. Alternatively, if you want to discover real-life case studies about effectively managing your sales pipeline with Pipedrive, then check out our in-depth guide, available today from Amazon

For the most accurately recorded activities, you need the dataset of your Pipedrive database to be designed to the best of its potential. Want to know how?

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