Customer Relationship Management CRM For Medium And Small Enterprises

Customer Relationship Management CRM For Medium And Small Enterprises

Customer Relationship Management CRM for Medium and Small Enterprises by Routledge NYC

Today I’m going to talk to you about my book:  Customer Relationships Management for Medium and Small Enterprises! It was published by Routledge in 2022.

The concept of the book is clear: technology comes later, first entrepreneurs and managers have to focus on the strategic approach. CRM is first and foremost a strategy, a logic about how each organisation plans to nurture its own “Customer Experience”  when it comes to the interaction with each of its parts. Often the most active part in managing the relationships with clients and prospecting customers is the sales department, that runs paramount relationships building via salespeople. Hence the relationships are strongly managed along the sales process, and winning or losing clients affects the company survival, so no wonder if that is considered the most relevant application of CRM.

What the book tries to assess is that along the sales process they take place actions and behaviours that lead the counterpart feelings and expectations. Actually expectations may be developed within the sales process itself, upon the initial requirements. The interaction with the salesperson shapes the expectations, the positioning and ultimately the client experience as a whole.

This is why planning the processes where relationships take place enables leading behaviours and beliefs around clients and their reactions. As Jay Baer assesses in his book “Hug, your, Heaters”: clients get hungry when they experience a mismatch between expectations and value experienced. They complain stronger as much as they were relying on the provider.

Designing a CRM, its stages and every expected behaviours, that each salesperson is expected to perform in order to take the relationship with each client to the next level, may strongly improve the effectiveness of the sales process. Conversion rate may ameliorate, clients feedbacks enhance, salesperson happiness also gets better as a result of more efficient work and better environment all together.

My book is a guide on how to design the sales process that shapes the better environment that every company needs to succeed.

Customer Relationship Management CRM for medium and small enterprises
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Antonio Specchia

Antonio Specchia

Businessman, CRM architect and author of "Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises" and "Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive"

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