How to design a sales process?


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When we are about to set up a CRM, we start by enquiring about the company’s sales processes. Our quest is often more complex than you can imagine; entrepreneurs and sales directors can’t properly formalise how their business actually sells.

Don’t get me wrong, they know it, they just have no habit of seeing it as a process. There are some things to be done, that’s it.

By designing the sales processes, organisations are able to define:

  • The activities to be done
  • Their timing 
  • What the triggers of actions are
  • What should be the outcomes of them
  • What the prospect’s experience should be

Hence, they are able to measure efforts and outcomes, redesign and adapt processes and activities accordingly with the market needs. Measure, check, improve and redesign again…

Plan. Do. Check. Act. Will be the method to continuously improve the sales process to boost business results

Hint 14

Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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