What problems Pipedrive solve better.


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  • The need to perceive the business situation as fast as possible has been achieved with the visual pipeline system. It definitely empowers salespeople and managers in getting “the feeling” of trends and forecasts in a glimpse.
  • Task management along the sales process is one of the most important duties of sales; from scheduling to reporting of workloads on a daily basis. The adoption of the  Activities Based Selling methodology as a framework of Pipedrive is a real change maker.
  • Productivity improvement via efficiency enhancement is vital for businesses. The capability to make anything simple, then nurture focus on what really matters, definitely helps to stick with the job to be done. Pipedrive Graphic User Interface has been developed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, avoiding “personalisations” that risk to clutter the view. A clean, minimal data view, according to the concept that “less is more”, creates a user experience that nourishes the efficiency of use.
  • Migration “in” and “out” from CRM can be required at any time. Even if nobody likes to lose users, a good system should allow customers to be free to leave, avoiding complex, expensive and tricky procedures to transfer data. If migrating in is affected by the quality of data you can get from your previous CRM, migrating out from Pipedrive is not a problem.

These four points have a paramount importance when choosing a CRM, then there are some parameters that should be part of the decision making,

  • Type of business B2B or B2C
  • Type of Sales Process(es)
  • Value per single transaction (deal)

If a business serves other businesses with valuable services or products by a long, complex sales process managed by a team of salespeople, then Pipedrive is definitely an option to consider.

Hint 3

Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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