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Using modern database tools, just about anyone can build a database. The question is, will the resulting database be useful?”    

“A database won’t do you much good if you can’t get data out of it quickly, reliably, and consistently. It won’t be useful if it’s full of incorrect or contradictory data. You can address all of these potential problems by using modern database tools, …., but only if you understand what those problems are so you can avoid them.”    ( Rod Stephens – Beginning Database Design Solutions – Wiley, 2009)

Creating a digital solution can be compared to building a house. Nobody wouldn’t start building anything without a proper architectural design! Instead, software developers and entrepreneurs often rush off to start creating something as soon as possible. In IT you feel you can start developing anything then patch and fix what you like while you go. Something that can be harder in Real Estate. On top of that developing is also measurable: everyday we can see something finished. Boost productivity! People understand too late how the lack of a proper design affects the quality of what they have produced. Rod Stephens was discussing over databases, and as we know, CRM is just a database with a software on top to create the user interface and run functions. Today Rod’s words are still valid even more for CRMs: many CRM platforms allow users to create their own CRM from the scratch whilst some allow to alter the framework as the client likes.  But Rod Stephens question remains: “…will the resulting tool be useful?”

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Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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