Sales Process management with Visual Pipeline


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The awareness of the sales process run by a business becomes relevant when it comes to sales CRM. Often when an organisation approaches a sales CRM for the first time it can find it difficult to define the sales process in stages, the sales pipeline template in Pipedrive offers them to start thinking about their own sales process by stages. Often taking time to design what we do is not so easy, but when the business grows and sales require a much closer control, it’s time to boost efficiency in the sales process, hence it will be required to have proper sales process management, to enhance the organisation’s effectiveness.

Pipedrive is the first CRM developed around the visual pipeline. As we know this was one of the most relevant innovations introduced by Timo Rein and his partners. The idea that we can create an overview of the whole sales process and each deal along the way using a single view was as simple as powerful and this is also the reason why Pipedrive became so successful.

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Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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