Lead generation

Lead generation

Lead generation for B2B and the value of CRM

In the B2B business model CRMs are designed to nurture known contacts in the market, people that from leads -unknown- entered the sales process and unveiled their name.

Creating content and spreading it around to a wider audience is a function performed via social media platforms or advertising like Google adv.

Businesses in need of enhancing their market, need to set a (good) content creation process for high volume of qualified messages. Then spread it around efficiently.

From Lead Nurturing to Lead Generation happens by a process of getting people into the marketing funnel until they unveil their existence. They may interact with free information until they want to get more information, and are keen to “pay” by revealing their name (contact data). The marketing automation tool’s function is to convert leads inside the marketing funnel.

For this reason, in Lead generation, we often discuss “MQL” and “SQL”, meaning: Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads.

Are you familiar with Marketing Qualified Leads? Have you set in place a process to qualify your leads before to engage them in your sales process? Read now the article.

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Antonio Specchia

Antonio Specchia

Businessman, CRM architect and author of "Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises" and "Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive"

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