Lead Generation


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In B2B, the CRM is not designed to nurture the market, meaning to “create contents and spread them around”, to a wider audience that can only be reached via social media platforms or traditional advertising. If your business needs more clients then just relying on door-to-door sales isn’t probably the best strategy. That’s why a B2B CRM needs an integration with a marketing automation tool to nurture wider audiences. Or, say it better: is the marketing automation that nurtures the market, and when leads fall into the funnel showing interest in the brand, then the process creates a one to one nurturing – see below – then as an nurturing opportunities done by sales professionals, at the moment it will be clear that the lead is looking for a solution we can provide.
For this reason we talk about MQL and SQL, Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads.
MQL happens when the process validates some parameters that the person (lead) has (or has done) that show a clear interest in a solution and possibly, but not strictly, in our brand.
SQL happens when the contact (lead) has expressed interest in a solution proposed by our brand and it falls into some parameters we decide are important to become a client of our company.
The market nurturing is a stage before them, when we just throw seeds in the water creating a feeding area that attracts interested people. The better the messaging is, the more valuable contents they will find, and the more they will keep coming back. One day they will ask for “a” solution. Probably not yet your own solution. But then will start the “lead nurturing process” which provides a journey of understanding that will help the person in deciding what he / she can have, what she / he needs and how he / she can have it.

In the past, market nurture was mainly done by advertising, promotional events, and exhibitions. Nowadays, social media has a growing importance also because they allow us to track from the exposure to the results. The concept of market nurture is still more close to advertising: be seen. So even if you do it on social media, do not expect results in short terms, just spread the voice so that those who are looking for something will hear the message. Then start tracking leads when they enter in the funnel, and for that the CRM really helps. Pipedrive can help in the leads nurturing process, then of course it will unfold its potential when the lead will be ready for the sales process.

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Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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