Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive

Problems pipedrive tackles better: pipedrive best features

What are pipedrive best features?

Let’s clarify this: pipedrive is a CRM aimed for B2B for complex business process management of valuable transactions. In it pipedrive best practices may support companies in enhancing their sales process effectiveness.

First it would be good to clarify your business:

  • B2B or B2C business model
  • Type of Sales Process
  • Value per single transaction

Businesses that serve other businesses (1), by valuable services or products (3), 

implying long and complex processes (2) – especially when managed by a team of salespeople.

Then to assess if it is pipedrive any good, we must refer to complex processes management: it is definitely the most suitable sales CRM capable to enhance the sales effectiveness.

Do you know how complex your process is? If you want to learn more about sales process management you can find it

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