Why Pipedrive Pipeline(s)

Why Pipedrive Pipeline(s)

Why add an "S"at the end of the pipeline?

Pipedrive pipeline: one Sales Process, One Pipeline

Better start from the beginning: a visual pipeline is the rendering, in the CRM, of the company’s sales process. Because a company can have more than one sales process it would be useful to mirror each sales process into a specific pipeline.

Let’s see the parameters:

  • Many products, many markets, one sales process = ONE CRM PIPELINE
  • One product, different markets with different sales processes = many PIPELINES

Doesn’t matter if you have many markets you serve, or many regions all selection can be done in the same pipeline by segregating the deals by viewing only what you need. For this reason Pipedrive may support more than ONE PIPELINE. Definitely more pipelines are better than one.

CRM for sales processES management in complex environmentS.

How many sales processes does your company have? If you want to learn more about mirroring the sales process in pipedrive you can find it in this book!

Managing Sales Pipeline(s) with Pipedrive

The book to better optimise your business with piperdrive
Antonio Specchia

Antonio Specchia

Businessman, CRM architect and author of "Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises" and "Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive"

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