Kanban: The secret to simplifying sales process management

Kanban: The secret to simplifying sales process management

How to simplifying your Sales Process Management.

We all want our sales process management to be simpler, but it’s not always obvious how to achieve it. Until you start to understand Pipedrive’s secret weapon, that is.

First introduced into CRM by Timo Rein, Ragnar Sass and others as a way of simplifying sales process management, the Kanban model has been a gamechanger for Pipedrive – particularly for visual pipelines.

Defined as “small incremental changes […] based around collaboration and feedback” by Kanbanize – this revolutionary Kanban-style tool is ideally suited for improving and managing your sales pipeline with Pipedrive. How? By cutting down on sales process management complexity through the staging out of tasks and actions.

Setting a stage

images with different tipe of action

Think about your usual sales process. If it’s cluttered, complex and confusing, Pipedrive’s Kanban-style management could be just the solution you’re looking for.

1) Drag and drop

A step-by-step visual timeline, it makes it simple to map your usual processes and actions onto it and, as a result, ensure your pre-sales and sales services line up every time.

2) Choose your starting point

Want to start from Contact? Prefer to begin at Proposal? Nothing logged until Negotiation? The choice is yours.

3) Look and learn

But once you’ve categorised your pipeline into visual sales stages, you can enjoy clarity at a glance – knowing what stage every deal is at, what your priorities are and how best to direct your energy, every time.

Empowering your sales people

So, why does this work so well for this particular application? Channeling Timo Rein’s individual-focused approach, Pipedrive’s Kanban design succeeds by empowering your sales people to own their pipeline, managing contacts and activities on a personal level.

By balancing ready-to-use and flexibility, it allows good sales people to be the best they can be, with the freedom to make the micro-adjustments that suit their approach.

Once they’ve found a system that works, there are more tools to maximise their sales output too. To discover more about what each of them does, why not check out our in-depth Pipedrive guide, right here?

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