Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive

Sales Process management with Visual Pipeline

People managing the sales process

What’s pipedrive’s biggest innovation?

The most relevant innovation introduced by Timo Rein and partners was the first CRM developed around the concept of the visual pipeline.

The idea to create an overview of the whole sales process, with all deals throughout displayed using a single view, was as simple as powerful. No wonder it was the major reason why Pipedrive became so successful.

Make awareness of your sales process.

Staying fully updated of the whole process your business is dealing with in real time, becomes even more relevant in the day to day management sales.

Organisations may find it difficult to define the sales process, and even more so if they’re requested to clarify its stages. Not even sales directors are used to thinking about sales like a process that includes milestones, tasks and outcomes.

Instead. Pipedrive’s sales pipeline offers a simple way to start thinking about it in this step-by-step way, with a process that may be standardised (just up to a point!).

Let’s be honest, taking time to contemplate what we do (and when we do it) is never easy. As the business grows and sales require a much deeper control, there’s no better time to boost efficiency and lead the sales process with best management options – helping your organisation’s effectiveness and more.

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