Data management and business tools

“Using modern database tools, just about anyone can build a database. The question is, will the resulting database be useful?”     “A database won’t do you much good if you can’t get data out of it quickly, reliably, and consistently. It won’t be useful if it’s full of incorrect or contradictory data. You can address […]

Sales Process management with Visual Pipeline

The awareness of the sales process run by a business becomes relevant when it comes to sales CRM. Often when an organisation approaches a sales CRM for the first time it can find it difficult to define the sales process in stages, the sales pipeline template in Pipedrive offers them to start thinking about their […]

What problems Pipedrive solve better.

The need to perceive the business situation as fast as possible has been achieved with the visual pipeline system. It definitely empowers salespeople and managers in getting “the feeling” of trends and forecasts in a glimpse. Task management along the sales process is one of the most important duties of sales; from scheduling to reporting […]

Why Pipedrive

Pipedrive sits in an interesting balanced point between ready to use framework and flexibility of the tool. The secret is not much about the technology which can be easily copied, its real secret relies on the profundus know-how of the needs of the function this version of CRM aims to: the needs of the sales […]

Lead Generation

In B2B, the CRM is not designed to nurture the market, meaning to “create contents and spread them around”, to a wider audience that can only be reached via social media platforms or traditional advertising. If your business needs more clients then just relying on door-to-door sales isn’t probably the best strategy. That’s why a […]