about the use of Pipedrive and Active Campaign, here’s one of his answers:

Which function in Active Campaign allows you to understand leads intentions: interested in the product or just browsing. Do you create lists for it?

We create Lists for sends using the custom fields, like country, industry, persona etc. and different combinations thereof. Contacts that respond asking for information or a demo are passed directly to an SDR for a human contact. But we do not, unlike some businesses, create endless automations that move a contact from one automation to another if they click or respond etc. This is because we target enterprise clients and not SMBs. Where a contact is at a business that is not relevant or is too small, we aim not to add them to the database in Active Campaign, as otherwise they will just be recycled and appear as an inbound again. We do use the Lead Scoring in Active Campaign to identify potentially interested leads, but we believe that many of the reported clicks and opens are software based and not human interactions. So we use this as a guide for SDRs and Sales and don’t set off more automations on the back of it.

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Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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