The WHYs of Pipedrive crm

The WHYs of Pipedrive crm

May pipedrive be your solution?

Can pipedrive make a difference to your business? Let’s explore what Pipedrive crm does better.

So, why use pipedrive crm? The 5 reasons:

  • Fancy to grasp the business situation at a glance? The visual pipeline empowers salespeople and managers to get a sense of trends and forecasts easily.


  • Task management is your problem? Activity Based Selling methodology is natively embedded in pipedrive be on top of salespeople tasks: from daily scheduling to reporting of workloads. Adopting ABS methodology with pipedrive can be a game changer.

  • Productivity, efficiency and workforce load awareness are paramount for any business. Make everything simple, keep the focus on what really matters, stay in tune with the job at hand.


  • Pipedrive’s Graphic User Interface simplicity and effectiveness is second to none. A clean, minimalistic data view that sticks to less is more concept creating a user experience that nourishes efficiency of use.


  • Migration “in” and “out” should be always easy. Be free to leave, avoiding complex, expensive and tricky procedures to transfer your data as well as easy onboarding by uploading data spreadsheets or csv files.

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Antonio Specchia

Antonio Specchia

Businessman, CRM architect and author of "Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises" and "Managing sales pipeline(s) with pipedrive"

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