Why Pipedrive


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Pipedrive sits in an interesting balanced point between ready to use framework and flexibility of the tool. The secret is not much about the technology which can be easily copied, its real secret relies on the profundus know-how of the needs of the function this version of CRM aims to: the needs of the sales people.

As Simon Sinek says, when you know your why, the rest is easy.
Timo Rein and C. knew the reason why they had to develop a CRM that
wasn’t built yet.

Someone can be surprised that talking about a product we are mentioning the why. In fact, each product has a “reason why” behind its conception. The most successful products/services always have a remarkable “reason why” behind them. Who created them are people with a clear picture of that reason-why and they use it as a lighthouse beam: wherever they are, they have a clear sea-route where to go, even in the deepest storm.
Knowing how sales people work, their complexity, their problems, their preferences and focusing on creating a really valuable tool for them has been an incredible competitive advantage for Timo and his partners. What we must acknowledge to Timo, is that he has always kept the direction clear: “this is what we are going to do”. This is what visionary people do, they can see something that others don’t, and they stick with this mission.

Pipedrive then has been designed and developed having in mind what a sales process requires and what salespeople need in order to improve efficiency on their job. This choice made Pipedrive a laser cut tool for this application, which is mainly related to the B2B business model, where people in sales have a more relevant role than all the other marketing policies.

Hint 2

Extract from Managing Sales Pipelines with Pipedrive CRM

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